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Story Time For Me has released a library of FREE interactive multimedia storybooks for homes, schools, daycares and libraries. Our program will encourage children to read entertaining, animated stories with socially relevant themes such as ‘Not to bully’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Being responsible for the environment’, ‘Helping your neighbor’, etc.

Access to books is essential to reading development. The only variable that directly correlates with reading scores is the number of books in the home. According to A.C. Nielsen & Co the average child watches over four hours of television per day and before finishing elementary school, that same child will have seen 8,000 murders on TV.

Story Time for Me wants to give free access to 100’s of quality children’s books. But that’s only part of our mission. All books published by Story Time For Me teach good morals and values with socially relevant themes. Books with uplifting story lines can make a positive impression on the minds of new readers. Our wholesome, entertaining, animated books feature easily identifiable animal characters learning to make positive decisions in everyday life situations. Parents can be sure Story Time For Me books will entertain their children while teaching them good moral values.

In addition, a personalized activity book series starting with EARTH DAY on April 22 is available for educators, parents and children. Downloadable pdf’s can be printed out which will encourage reading, writing and illustrating. More information on this program can be found here www.StoryTimeForMe.com/teachers

This library of books is recognized by educators and teaching professionals for its excellence in promoting literacy. “As the founder of the KART Foundation, a child’s literacy organization, I find Story Time For Me to be an excellent adaptation of traditional storytelling in the Internet age. The quality of the stories is first class, with loveable characters that all children can identify with,” said Terica Lynn Swangin, researcher, and author of the Scribbles & Friends Series PediNatural (TLS KIDS BOOKS) and founder of The KART Foundation. “As children read these stories, they are boosting their reading skills and learning socially responsible tools for life. Being a researcher who specializes in early childhood education initiatives for the ‘whole child,’ I see Story Time For Me as an innovative holistic learning solution that could close the literacy achievement gap between schools, communities, and families.” Each child can read the storybook themselves, have his or her parents read the story or listen to the professional voice actor narration.

“The development of this free library fosters a continued love of reading through our multimedia storybooks,” said Andrew Gitt, co-founder of Story Time For Me. “We are thrilled with the response we are already getting from educators and schools across the United States, and are currently expanding our outreach efforts. Select branches of Goddard Schools, Bright Horizons, Primrose, YMCA, JCCA, Childcare Network and a dozen other National chains are using our books as supplemental learning resources for their children.”

“Our goal is to attract a corporate sponsor with similar literacy goals to help distribute our growing library in multiple languages world-wide,” said Susan Gitt, co-founder of Story Time For Me. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for a sponsor to receive positive branding while helping millions of families become better readers and socially responsible adults. For corporate sponsors, our books will also be made available on I-Pads and print versions with the sponsor’s branding on the cover. Special subject books and branded books are available for distribution to complement public service marketing efforts.


Story Time For Me, founded in 2009, is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children ages 1 to 8 encouraging them to read and listen to enjoyable, online, multimedia picture books. Story Time For Me offers a one-of-a-kind, animated, personalized line of books for both retail and promotional marketing. In this the personalized Story Time For Me series, the child (or the business) becomes the “star” of the book by having his or her photo inserted and animated throughout the entire story in different poses and settings.

The Story Time For Me e-library offers compelling storytelling with inspiring and memorable characters designed to stimulate any child’s imagination. The content improves the student’s cognitive development and reading skills. The interactive language prompts provide children with their own personal reading coach.

Story Time For Me offers teacher, parents and children valuable literary resources that teach wholesome values through socially relevant themes, while promoting healthy parental interactions that inspire and foster a child’s passion for reading.

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